Learning independence and self-help skills
(age 24 – 36 months)

Increased language skills allow two year olds the ability to regulate their emotions and to explore their sense of self. Twos not only begin to use words to express their emotions, they can also recognize and respond appropriately to the emotions of others. Twos develop from consistent, predictable routines. They begin to understand basic concepts about time and to recognize that there is an order to daily events.

At Dogwood Hills Academy our low teacher to child ratio, consistent routines and age appropriate activities in our spacious, two-year-old designed classrooms and outside play area allow each child to grow and develop based on their individual needs. Our daily reports inform parents of the two’s play, feeding and toileting activities. Our nationally recognized curriculum and assessment program allow for specific development planning for each child as an individual and as part of the group.

On the playground equipment
Water play at Dogwood Hills Academy
On the playground
Dramatic play
Playing in the sprinklers
Talking on the playground
Friends reading together
Water play at Dogwood Hills Academy
Two little princesses